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Effect of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome occurs when the intestines become inflamed and irritated as a result of becoming increasingly porous. Toxins and undigested foods are then able to pass into the bloodstream as the lining of the intestines starts to leak. The body¬ís autoimmune system becomes overwhelmed from the increase in toxins and therefore begins to attack healthy cells usually present in other vital organs of the body. The effects of leaky gut syndrome give way to a whole host of gastrointestinal problems such as excessive gas or flatulence, […]

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Leaky Gut Syndrome Causes And Cures

If you’re wondering what leaky gut syndrome is, you’re not alone. Most people have never heard of it, let alone understand its causes and potential cures. It’s a misunderstood gastro-intestinal disorder that often causes bloating, cramping in the abdomen, gas (flatulence), and sensitive reactions to certain foods. While it is a terms used by doctors, it’s technically not a medical term. Doctors often will run tests and try to determine if you have one of the more common digestive ailments and if your doctor cannot definitively determine […]

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